Training and Consultancy

a) Employee Assisted Programs

Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace is one of the best decisions any employer can make.
It is investing in your most valuable asset: your employees.
High healthcare costs incurred by working adults including their families are attributed to modifiable health risks such as poor diet, lack of exercise, work environment which includes sitting posture, aging, inability to manage stress effectively, employee mental wellbeing and pressure to perform.

Sterling Performance Africa Ltd. (SPA) designs tailor-made wellness programs taking into consideration their unique operations and context.
Our wellness programs are linked to company needs and strategic priorities which increases the likelihood of attracting and retaining qualified staff; lowering the rate of absenteeism from work attending to health related issues; improving employees’ morale and motivation and enhancing efficient utilization of resources including time. The overall goal is improved efficiency and productivity.
Based on the latest advances in behavioral health research and technology, we provide employers with increasingly effective and affordable methods for improving workforce health and productivity whether the issues involve smoking cessation, drug and substance
abuse, stress management, adjustment, trauma, team development, conflict resolution, lifestyle diseases and mental health, amongst others.

b) Small and Medium Size Enterprises Management training

Sterling Performance Africa Consultants have undertaken a wide range of training and skills development assignments for 10 years in the mining industry, agri business, savings and credit societies, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya. Our range of training includes:
i. Financial management and accounting

  • financial literacy skills for non-finance managers
  • Bookkeeping and record management
  • Budgeting and financial reporting
  • Cash management

ii. SME management

  • Business skills training including revenue management, customer service, negotiation, communication, tax compliance, legal compliance, sales and marketing.
  • Budgeting and financial reporting training.
  • Successful Chama and Cooperative management trainings

iii. Procurement and supply chain

SPA strives to build SMEs & MSMEs capacity in bid preparation, competitive pricing guide and especially align with the multi-nationals’ local content procurement processes and procedures.

iv. Health Safety and Environment

Our team of HSE professionals will help any organization carry out a health and safety audit and train the organisations management, staff, clients and suppliers of goods and services in Health Safety practices.